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Offered Facilities

Suryadeo Law College provides excellent infrastructure to facilitate academic as well as extra-curricular growth of the students. Situated on Lal Kothi Road, Driver Tola, Katihar, it offers opportunities to the law student to interact with students of other disciplines as well. These everyday interactions widen the horizon and scope of the students as they themselves discover space for their own profession.


Suryadeo Law College library provides students with extensive facilities to maximize their knowledge in the field of law. It is probably the most frequently visited section of the college and most certainly the heaven for dedicated law students. Students can avail library facilities from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Timing is extended at the time of examinations. Each student is provided with a library card at the beginning of the academic term and this has to be renewed annually. For easy and prompt access all books are catalogued manually as well as on the computer. The library is wire free and students are encouraged to bring their laptops to access the internet. However computers with Internet facilities are available to Students for academic purposes upon prior bookings.


Classes are conducted by excellent teaching faculties in spacious Class rooms which are well equipped for the comfort and convenience of the students.

Moot Court Hall

Moot Court is an Integral part of any law student’s dream to make it big in their profession. Moot court is the laboratory where a future lawyer acquires and hones his/her skills of advocacy. The Suryadeo Law College boasts of a real moot court where students practice their court etiquette.

Indivisual Attention and Coaching

We believes in imparting education in a friendly atmosphere where the overall development of students is given utmost importance. The professors are well competent and are equipped with the latest information in their subjects. They use modern techniques and teaching aids in the class to make studying an experience by itself. Every student is well cared for and gets individual attention in areas where they are weak. The college provides for separate coaching to improve other faculties of the students such as fluency in English, public speaking skills and communications to improve the personality of students. With the growing access to technology and globalization the college understands the conditions which demands future lawyers to be experts not just in their subjects but also skills in applying their knowledge.


Auditorium is a place to conduct events and meetings of the college. It is used to group the students at one place, and conduct effective interaction with the staff, or the guests, who have attended for meetings or workshops. So, it needs to be spacious and convenient to hold these meetings, and we have included these design elements into our auditorium. At Methodist, the auditorium is quite spacious, and it can seat hundreds of students. The dais is big enough for several guests, and it is suitable for projecting the videos or slideshows too.

Why Choose Us

Our commitment to providing the highest standard of legal education possible and its willingness to develop curriculum to best reflect the changing imperatives of our legal system.

Suryadeo Law College has always been strongly committed to the creation of a positive learning environment. This relaxed and productive atmosphere is achieved by developing a strong pastoral care ethos, evidenced by the open-door policy of lecturers, the operation of all lectures and tutorials on a first-name basis, the provision of both written and oral feedback on formal and informal assignments, and the close and friendly working relationship between students and staff, all of which are based on a spirit of trust and collaboration. Despite increasing student numbers, this atmosphere has been maintained and developed to the benefit of both students and staff within the Law School.

Career in Law

The scope in law field is extremely diverse as there are different laws in force that need specialized legal knowledge. It results in ample opportunities for L.L.B. graduates in the industry. Public and private sector both require the services of law graduates.

The law graduates can seek career opportunities in courts of law and agencies, state and central alike. This degree also makes the students eligible for appointment in UPSC, defense services and SPSC.

Many companies accept law graduates as company secretaries. Other than that, they are also welcomed to work with legal consultancy firms.

The law graduates may also opt for practicing law as a profession or work as a legal counsel or advisor. The law graduates with a penchant for writing can go for a career in legal writing as well.