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Academics of S.D. Law College

Some Important Rules
  • Session shall commence from the month of june.
  • At the time of admission an original T.C. or C.L.C. or S.L.C. attested copy of Mark sheet, educational certificate (Original) and other essential documents are necessary.
  • At the time of taking admission recent Photograph of Passport size in three pieces are essential.
  • Panel action against ragging and indecipline behaviour in side or out side the institution is subjected to punishment.
  • According to need and necessity of the students the college Library will issue the books to the needy concerned.
  • Rule, Regulation of the college University & B.C.I. should be followed by the students in strict manner.
  • Concession Rail-Ticket may be issued to the students during summer and Puja-Vacation only.
  • Preference for M.S.T. on receiving application is practicable after three days in the last time of the college working hour is preferable only to the regular students of the college.
  • Students may obtain T.C. or C.L.C. or Testimonial Certificate only after payment of all required fee of the college.
  • A fee of Rs.25/- is chargable in the event of missing of Identity-card in lieu there of the issue of next Identity Card.
  • For duplicate T.C. or C.L.C. on missing of the original Certificate and affidavit along with an application on payment of required fee may be considered.
  • Original Mark Sheet along with a photostat copy there of students migrating From other Universities must bring with them migrating certificate and obtain permission of this University through the principal of the college by filling up necessary forms accompanied by prescribed fees.
  • While studing Law a student shall not take up nor shall be permitted to take up any other courses.

Table of Fees of the College
Fees in each part for each session is as follows :
A. Five year L.L.B. Part-I Pre-Law (Two Year)
1. Admission or Re-admission fee
2. Tution fee per-month
3. Miscellaneous charge (annual)
4. Library Deposite (for each year)
5. College Development fee (annual)
6. Identity Card (in each Part)
7. Sports fee

₹  200.00/-
₹  75.00/-
₹  100.00/-
₹  100.00
₹  150.00/-
₹  25.00/-
₹  90.00/-
B. L.L.B. (Part-II) Professional course (Three Year) for each & every Part / session (Part-I, II, III)
1. Adission or Re-admission fee
2. Tution fee per month
3. Miscellaneous charge (annual)
4. College Development fee (annual)
5. Library Deposit (each Part)
6. Identity card (for each Part)
7. Sports fee

₹  500.00/-
₹  400.00/-
₹  500.00/-
₹  1000.00/-
₹  200.00
₹  100.00/-
₹  90.00/-

N.B. : Above fee are subject to modification as when required by the college authorities and a change by the University.


The Student shall be required to put in a minimum attendance of 75% of the Lectures on each of the subjects and including the Attendance of most courts tutorials and Practical training course.

Provided that in exceptional case for person to be recorded and communicate to the council of India. The Dean faculty of Law or Principal of the Law college may condone attendance for the semester or annual examination as the case may be.

Provided further that the students all have to computer B.C.C. (Basic Computer Course) for a period of the three month at least in the five year B. course. The college will make the arrangement and rules in this regard.